Almost everyone has that desire of getting smart devices for their home. The motivations for this may vary. To some, they are fed up with paying for commercial carpets and floor cleaning. For others, the hassle of having to clean their floors manually and maintain their carpets in a spotless condition is just too much to sustain for long. Therefore, at one time or another, you will find yourself shopping for a reliable robot vacuum to help you ease the burden of cleaning.

With these smart devices, you experience less noise in comparison to a regular one, produced by a common vacuum cleaner. Further, with a robot vacuum, you get the added advantage of convenience during cleaning. Scheduling is possible with these devices, meaning cleaning can happen at any time of your choice. Also, if you are not up to the task to control some of these devices manually, you can leave that up to voice assistants — some items are compatible with them. Whether you are in a hunt for an Amarey robot vacuum, I am here to help you by providing my expert reviews.

Also, if you are after information about the work of some specific robot vacuum cleaners, I recommend you to go through this guide to the very end and find your answer.

Ilife Vacuum Cleaner User Manuals Download

I am a tech expert with several years of experience, so you can trust my reviews, as they are based on my personal acquaintance with these products, their ratings, and recommendations. In this post, I have observed ten robot vacuum cleaners that are not only reliable but can easily be found and bought from Amazon.

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For each product, I have provided a brief description of its features. Below is a review of reliable robot vacuums. You will also find a list of pros and cons for every item. I believe it will be useful in helping you to settle on a device that will meet your needs best and leave you satisfied. Eufy robot vacuum RoboVac 11 comes in a slimmer design than its previous version.

For example, under low hanging furniture. Its suction power of Pa enhances its functionality.

ilife v3s reset

Furthermore, you do not have to worry about additional vacuuming power with this one. It spontaneously surges within 1. Another impressive feature about this Eufy robot vacuum cleaner is that once it is charged, you will have uninterrupted cleaning for minutes.Buy it. How much vacuum cleaner do you really need?

The iLife V3s Pro robot vacuum cleaner knows what it does well and sticks to it — namely, pet hair. The iLife V3s Pro looks remarkably similar to its sibling, the V5s Pro, though it swaps out the gold plastic cover for a white one with white and black bumpers around the sides. At 3 inches high, the slightly raised lip on the front of the vac keeps the V3s Pro from venturing to locations where it might get stuck.

As with other iLife robot vacuums, the V3s Pro lacks a spinning roller brush, opting for a 3-inch suction opening that funnels debris directly into the dustbin. The lunchbox-like dustbin, complete with a bright yellow handle, sits in the center of the vac, beneath the white cover. While the absence of a roller brush certainly makes cleaning and maintaining the bot much easier, we did notice that the V3s Pro struggled to pick up larger debris on a low-pile carpet.

Robot vacuums equipped with a roller brush, such as the Shark Ion R85 — our favorite overall robot vac — did a better job. Like other non-connected robot vacuums, the iLife V3s Pro is a snap to set up. Just like the V5s Pro, all we had to do was plug in the base, flip the power switch, and charge it. The iLife V3s Pro has three cleaning modes — whole floor, edge and spot cleaning, which sends the vacuum slowly spinning into a spiral as it focuses on one area.

Though the iLife V3s Pro is a budget vacuum, its cleaning prowess on our hardwood floors blew us away.

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The machine picked up small, flaky pieces of onion skin as it carefully wound itself around our baseboards in edge-cleaning mode. Like its V5s Pro sibling, it approached walls and obstacles slowly and gingerly. The V3s Pro vacuumed up a thick line of breadcrumbs we sprinkled horizontally into its path without a second thought.

After the vac made a few passes, the breadcrumbs were gone. By comparison, the iLife V5s Pro spread the crumbs around and never quite managed to capture all of them, leaving a gritty surface on our hardwood floor. In our lab tests, the iLife V3s Pro was a top performer. Out of all of the robot vacuums we tested — in all price ranges — the V3s Pro was the only one that achieved perfection on this test. Overall, the iLife V3s Pro was nearly perfect on our hardwood floor tests, picking up an average That score is the single best hardwood test result average of any robot vacuum we tested.ILife V3s is a very popular and one of the cheaper options.

ILife V3s was released in There are a lot of newer robotic vacuums on the market. Show newer Robotic Vacuums. Key features Innovated water tank Auto damp moping spa Powerful motor with max mode Pet hair technology Automatically docks and recharge Programable scheduling Less working noise Small slim light design Smart sensors anti-bump and anti-fall 4.

ILife V5s Pro is a very popular option on the lower end of the price range. It's in the top 3 bestselling robotic vacuums and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Coredy R or Goovi D ILife V5s Pro was released in There are dozens of newer robotic vacuums on the market.

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As an Amazon Associate this website earns from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. ILife V3s. ILife V5s Pro. With a tangle-free pet hair care technology, focuses on picking up hairs, dirt, debris on hard floors Low profile design to clean under beds, furniture where dirt hides.

Ideal for hardwood, tile, laminate or stone. Read more. Vacuuming Mopping Sweeping all in one, for entirely thoroughly cleaning New powerful motor with max mode and pet hair technology picks up furs,debris,dust and dirty easily and efficiently Small slim light design and smart sensors ensure ILIFE V5s Pro goes easily under the sofas,beds,kickstands,around the furniture,crossing the chair legs Read more.

Consumer Score.The Eufy RoboVac 11 is a strong budget robot vacuum, but be prepared for some trade-offs at this price.

The Eufy Robovac 11 is one such model. Although it lacks the performance and amenities of more expensive devices, it's a solid vacuum cleaner that can help relieve you of some of the housework without breaking the bank.

The Eufy RoboVac 11 has the traditional circular vacuum shape, though it features a tempered glass top to give it a modern edge. At 13 inches in diameter and 3.

Troubleshooting Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Problems

On the bottom, the RoboVac 11 features 11 infrared sensors toward the front of the device, a drop sensor, a swivel wheel, two side brushes and a central rolling brush, which managed to pick up a tangle of rug thread and hair after only a few cleanings. The RoboVac comes with a tool to clean the vacuum, as well as spare side brushes, an additional HEPA-style filter and an extra foam filter. Dumping the dirt from the dustbin is easy to do, too, and all it requires is that you press the button to slide out the receptacle and then push a release button to dispose of it.

Just be sure to do so inside the trash bin to avoid breathing in dust particles. Since the RoboVac 11 offers only a power button on its chassis, the bulk of your interaction with it will be with the included remote control.

The remote lets you choose between one of six cleaning modes: Auto, Edge, Spot, Max, Single Room and Manual, which comes especially handy for very particular cleaning configurations.

ilife v3s reset

Spot cleaning mode will look for spots of dirt or debris, and Max is best when working on carpet. Single Room mode will tell the RoboVac 11 to focus on only the room it's in before it returns to its charging station, where it will take at least 4 hours to charge before it reaches capacity. The RoboVac 11 is best used once a day for a long cleaning session since it takes a couple of hours to charge fully. But the upside is that it will clean until it can clean no more. Out of all the budget vacuums tested, including the Ecovacs Deebot M82 and the iLife V3s, the Eufy RoboVac 11 lasted the longest, at 1 hour and 40 minutes.

It performs fine on other surfaces, however, including hardwood, linoleum, vinyl and gray carpet. In our lab, the RoboVac was one of the better-performing budget models we tested, for the most part besting or tying the Deebot M82 and the iLife V3s.

For example, it sucked up percent of Cheerios on wood, compared with just 55 percent for the V3s. The Robovac also picked up percent of sawdust on vinyl, whereas the V3s just managed 27 percent. The one test the Robovac did poorly on was picking up pet hair on a vinyl surface; here, it only collected 11 percent, compared with 40 percent for the M82 and percent for the iLife V3s. On carpet, the Robovac picked up 40 percent, and on wood, 60 percent, but on both those surfaces, the iLife was able to scoop up and 81 percent, respectively, while the Deebot failed at both those tests.

The RoboVac 11 did fine keeping my upstairs carpet clean, so that every day I came home to a freshly groomed floor with nary a crystal of kitty litter in sight. However, the RoboVac became stuck a couple of times during its cleaning routine; one time I found it lodged underneath the bed and had to take a stick to it to free it, and on another occasion my husband found it in the bathroom.

He left it there for me to check in on why, and there was no blockage or rug trip-up.

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It's an issue that cropped up in our lab, too, and across various Amazon reviews. I watched the device work in my hallway and noticed that the wheel of the RoboVac would sometimes lose traction, causing it to shut down and sound an alert, which may be what's contributing to this sort of behavior. On the bright side, the RoboVac turns off when it's stuck to preserve battery. Overall, the RoboVac 11 does best on flat hardwood floors with low rugs and minimal obstruction.

It's also best if you prep the house before you clean by clearing any stray charging cables, hair ties, stray shoes, and errant items of clothing that the RoboVac 11 could pick up. Without that visual feedback, I don't trust the vacuum to do a good job and find its way back to base while I'm out, especially since there's no way for it to notify me when it's finished, like the Samsung Powerbot Despite having to prepare your quarters before it can clean, the Eufy RoboVac 11 is a good entry-level vacuum simply because it works.

And if you would rather schedule it to run while you're at work, expect that you may come home to find it never managed to make it back to its charging base. Tom's Guide.

Home Reviews. Our Verdict The Eufy RoboVac 11 is a strong budget robot vacuum, but be prepared for some trade-offs at this price.

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For Long cleaning time means it picks up more dirt and grime Remote is easy to use, allows for manual control Large dustbin Low profile. Against Pet hair statically attracted to the chassis Requires a bit too much vacuum-sitting. Design: The tried-and-true circle The Eufy RoboVac 11 has the traditional circular vacuum shape, though it features a tempered glass top to give it a modern edge. Performance: Good at picking up and getting stuck sometimes The RoboVac 11 is best used once a day for a long cleaning session since it takes a couple of hours to charge fully.Products Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Carpet cleaning expert.

Shinebot Floor washing robot. Refurbished-V5s Pro. Sign in Your Orders Your Account. V3s Pro.

ilife v3s reset

Buy now. The tangle-free suction head can easily pick up dirt, dust, hairs and furs without tangling. Applicable to hardwood, tile, laminate or stone. Full set of smart sensors to avoid bumping into furniture or falling off stairs. Easy operation with remote control, or one touch on auto clean button. Automatically return to charging dock for recharge when battery runs low or cleaning task finished. Buy Now Add To Cart.

Tax: Included. Shipping: Free. Estimated delivery time: working days after payment confirmation. Add to Wish List 1. V3s Pro for Pet Hair Care. Built-in motor provides strong suction power to easily pick up dirt, dust, and hairs. The tangle-free suction head ensures they will not get tangled. Two high-performance filters effectively reduce the rate of being clogging and maintain high suction. Multiple Cleaning Modes.Sometimes you just want clean floors without any hassle. The iLife V5s Pro does exactly that.

Still, sometime you have damaged parts due to long time operation or you need to do schedule filter or brushes. Good selection of A4S accessories for the price — more pieces than most offer.

All in all a good deal. Please clean the filter frequently, and replace the brush, filter every months to keep your vacuum cleaner working all the time in high-performance. These fit great in my little robot vac an iLife v5s affectionately named Roswell.

The price was great for the set and they seem to work well. I can also extend the life of each filter by knocking out any debris and running it under the water in the sink. I just allow it to dry before being used again. Replace hepa filter once a month to keep your robot vacuum cleaner at highest performance. Suggested to replace once a month to optimize the best performance. They fit exactly like the one my vacuum brought installed.

My new vacuum started cleaning my house just 10 days ago, and today a filter replacement was needed first time with a robot vacuum in a house with a hairy dog, ongoing house remodeling in the neighborhood; and I thought traditional broom and mopper was enough! Thank goodness I have many filter replacements, to change as often as I like! If you use a vacuum cleaner in any of the above models, you can purchase one for replacement. The main brush made of high quality materials is durable and sturdy.

The roller brush has been specially designed to clean the floor, making it a powerful cleaning tool. I was finally able to schedule cleanings again with this remote. Buttoned and quality are fine. Good replacement. Operation ranges in 6 feet. Power pressure of 2 x AAA battery. The diameter of the filter hole is 0. Enlarges the filtering area which made by folding this material with 3D, not only effectively adsorbs fine particles of air species, but also extended service life.

To keep your iLife Robotic Vacuum operating at peak performance, filters, should be replaced every month. Microfiber material mod pad can easily removes dirt on hard floors,side brushes and hape filter help the vacuum cleaner reach into deep corner and capture dust particles and dog hairs to keep your home cleaning.

Easy to install,replace your old side brushes with new ones,they will keep your vacuum robot to its peak performance. Grade A cells ensure fast charges and low power consumption; Built-in circuit protection ensures both safety and stability. The dimension of this battery Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. Tags: iLife V5S Pro replacement parts. By continuing to use shopinbrand. Please also read our Privacy Policy under which, to the extent stated, you consent to the processing of your personal data.ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum is an entry level robotic vacuum cleaner, designed and optimized for cleaning various types of dry dirt, including pet and human hair from laminate, tiles, hardwood, linoleum and low pile carpets.

It is very compact unit with low profile, being able to clean under most furniture and beds. It can't clean whole house on its own, but it is of great help for busy people who has the need to vacuum flat floor surfaces on a daily basis. ILIFE V3s Pro robotic vacuum is simple to use unit - it is controlled using remote control or using autoclean function with simple one touch. Since it is simple and affordable unit, it lacks certain features commonly found at more expensive robotic vacuums.

Also, because of its simplicity, it is preferred model of many people:. Also, cleaning status is signaled using LED lights. Also, it doesn't support Amazon Alexa nor Google Assistant. It doesn't feature Carpet Boost or any similar technology that would increase the suction on medium- and high-pile carpets. Again, most of these features are found at more expensive units.

It weighs 4. Unit is low enough to be able to reach under most sofas and beds and narrow enough to be able to navigate around many obstacles commonly found at home. Nonetheless, large flat surfaces with no obstacles are the best for optimum cleaning - if you are unable to remove furniture, beds and similar, at least remove cables and similar floor clutter that can interfere with the vacuum's operation. Its suction level is Pa, and that could be perhaps better, but it is more than enough for the tasks it is intended for.

Unit also features two side brushes that agitate the dirt and channels it toward the suction port. Unit is powered with mAh lithium battery, which provides enough energy for the unit to clean up to square feet square meters or to operate up to minutes on a single battery charge.

When the battery is discharged, it takes up to minutes slightly less than 5 hours to fully charge the battery. And when the battery is fully charged, it is safe to leave the ILIFE V3s Pro in the docking station - it will charge the battery with trickle charge to keep it ready for the next cleaning task.

Nonetheless, the best results are achieved on the bare floors and low-pile carpets. Unit is activated by pressing Clean button on the unit, by using remote control, or by scheduling the cleaning task. Cleaning task itself lasts until the user press Pause or the battery runs low.

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Again, scheduled task will not resume after the battery is fully recharged. In this mode unit moves in a spiral, cleaning the dirty spot - hence the name. Although the filters are washable, they should be replaced after some time, depending on the vacuum's use and type and amount of dirt.

Solution: check wheels and side brushes and remove entangled dirt, hair, lint, cables etc.

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ILIFE V3s Pro is not able to detect all the possible issues, but by observing the unit, user can easily spot the problem - for the whole list of error appearances, causes and solutions, check the manual that comes with the unit. Battery safety: ILIFE V3S Pro is powered with lithium battery and such batteries generally don't tolerate over-charging and over-discharging very well. Their differences and similarities are given in the following table:.

As one can see, ILIFE V3s Pro comes with improved sensors, larger wheels for traversing the higher carpets and it has slightly longer operating time on the single battery charge. Every time the dirt bin is emptied it is recommended to tap the filters to remove loose dirt particles. From time to time, side brushes should be cleaned from the lint, pet and human hair, fibers and similar dirt.

Note: it is also up to the user to check robot's behavior and to act accordingly. Although it is compact unit, it cleans bare floors and low-pile carpets very well.

However, it can't replace manual cleaning with main home vacuum cleaner - after all, it can't reach elevated surfaces.

Robotic Vacuums

ILIFE V3s Pro lacks certain features found on larger and more expensive robotic vacuums, but because of that its price tag is rather acceptable and it is easy to set up and use. If you are considering a simple to use, but reliable robotic vacuum cleaner to help you keep your floors cleaned, consider ILIFE V3s Pro. Have any questions?

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